Medical Alert Systems

Provide independence and peace of mind with a Medical Alert System from SCP Security.

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Help at the touch of a button with a medical alert system

Receive Medical Alert Notifications on your phone

Whether for yourself, or for a loved one, a Medical Alert System can provide safety and security for those wanting to live an independent life. Whether it’s a minor mobility issue or a major emergency, Medical Alert Systems insure that someone knows and is able to assist. Should anything happen, help can be on the way before you know it.

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A medical alert device

Medical Alert Devices

Medical alert devices can be worn as bracelets or Personal Emergency Response (PERS) pendants and can be used anywhere in the home -- including the bathtub! With a medical alert device, help is a simple button press away. Secure safety and independence with a Medical Alert System by contacting us today.

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Wellness Solutions

Our wellness solutions are powered by allowing us to offer excellent safety and security without compromising your loved one’s comfort. Secure safety and independence with a Medical Alert System by contacting us today.

  • Fall Detection

    Falling is the leading cause of in-home injuries, and getting help quickly is important. With fall detection added to your package, an alert is sent if an impact or a sudden change in position is detected.

  • Automation

    Wellness can be paired with Home Automation to create scheduled security and comfort settings to help care for your loved ones. You can program routine tasks to maximize comfort with thermostat control and ensure security by scheduling door locks to engage and security systems to activate.

  • Activity Monitoring

    Our wellness program can learn your loved one’s activity patterns announcing you when something out of the ordinary occurs.

  • Movement Notifications

    The wellness system can announce you if your loved one is leaving the house at odd hours or has been wandering about.

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