Access Control Systems

Comprehensive access control systems keep you informed and your business safe.

Key card scanners

Control the door and more with an Access Control System

A keycard scanner

Keys are an unreliable way to secure your business: they are easy to copy and even easier to lose. Physical keys won’t tell you who entered your building and at what time, they can’t restrict or grant access at pre-set hours, and it can be costly to rekey.

Better than keys, and ideal for businesses of any size, our access control systems give you complete control of your facility allowing you to regulate and restrict who has access and who doesn’t.

With the quality access control systems offered by SCP Security there are a wide range of hardware and software to ensure that you have the best system for your business.

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How Access Control works

Access control systems rely on individual cards, key-tags, key-fobs, or other identification systems tied with electric locks to grant or bar access to your business or sections/rooms within your business.



    Your employees use access cards, card readers, or access control keypads to gain access to the parts of your business you decide.



    Our easy-to-use software solution makes it easy for you to manage access and see who has accessed your business.



    A combination of electric door locks, card readers and access control panels are installed to keep your business safe and secure.

Track and manage who accesses your business resources

Manage and track employee access

The system records and tracks who comes and goes, and what time they do so, providing you with a clear picture of who is in your business and when.

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A gate control system

Secure exterior areas with a Gate Control System

In the same way our access control systems help your secure and track access with comprehensive entry records to your facilities. Our gate control systems protect your property from unwanted vehicle and foot traffic. Control access with keycards, codes, or intercom systems allowing customized and advanced security options for your properties.

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Hattrix cloud-based software

Enjoy flexibility and scalability with cloud-based access control

With traditional access control systems, you would need to maintain a server on site to control the access system. With Hattrix Cloud services we are able to remove the burden of server maintenance and service by moving the server onto the cloud. This allows you to focus less on technical support and more on growing your business.

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