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Security Systems Protecting You Further With Environment Monitoring

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SCP Security offers carbon monoxide, flood, and low temperature monitoring, as well as fire and smoke detection. Not only are many of these safeguards essential for the protection of any business, they also help to keep insurance costs down and provide alerts to minimize any potential environmental damage.

Environmental monitoring not only detects these threats, but it also allows for immediate action. A security professional will be immediately alerted in order to provide the most necessary action and the alarm system will activate in order to protect the space and the people inside.

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Fire, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Monitoring

While an up-to-date smoke alarm is an absolutely essential element of any business, it’s only one component of comprehensive monitoring. Fire alarms not only alert the people inside the business to get out, they also have the ability to alert the professionals: the sooner they get there, the less damage to your property. Also, fire and smoke alarms can be connected to lighting pathways within the building so that in the case of dense smoke, employees and customers can be led to safety. Though less visible than fire and smoke, carbon monoxide is a significant threat but is easily monitored with a non-invasive alarm.

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Low Temperature Monitoring

For those businesses that depend on optimal temperature monitoring such as cold storage facilities, computer server facilities and various warehouses, low temperature monitoring is essential to insure any temperature fluctuations don’t end up being disasters.

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Flood Monitoring

Flood damage to your property can occur at any moment. Even if your area isn’t prone to flooding, water can get into almost anywhere and cause thousands of dollars in damage. Our flood alarms provide you with peace of mind knowing your property is constantly monitored so that if something does happen, you can address the issue in a timely manner. Flood monitoring is great for every type of business. Protect your product and your livelihood by installing a quality monitoring system with SCP Security.

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