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Access two Canadian-based ULC rated monitoring stations with a home security system from SCP Security.

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Your family’s well-being is your main concern. We make it ours too.
A security monitoring station

Without an alarm system, what will happen when an intruder attempts to enter your home? The answer is simple: nothing. With 24/7 Monitoring, in the event of an emergency your family is protected with access to highly trained professionals who will contact you and deal with the situation at hand. When activated, your uninvited guest is greeted with a siren while the alarm signal is simultaneously sent to our trained professionals, dedicated to rapid response. They understand the importance of calling to ensure your safety, and contacting the appropriate key-holders and authorities, if necessary.

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Two Canadian-based ULC rated montoring stations

We have high quality monitoring systems

At SCP Security, we take pride in working exclusively with two Canadian-based monitoring stations, both of which have a ULC rating. Not only is the monitoring based nationally, rather than internationally like many of our competitors, but a ULC rating means that the monitoring stations meet high safety and dependability standards, and employees are rigorously trained. When you need assistance quickly, you can depend on the knowledge, skills, and training of those there to help.

Enjoy restful vacations, and peace of mind when your children are home alone. Everything you cherish will be protected.

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