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The mere existence of an alarm system is a deterrent to most criminals. Having SCP Security install your alarm system means that not only do you get increased security, but also you’ll have the assurance of a quality installation and superior commitment to customer service.

With the advantage of an alarm system you can worry less about your security and focus more on growing your business.

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Wireless security with a dedicated cellular backup communicator

The most sophisticated broadband or phone connected security system can be defeated in seconds with the snip of a wire. With cellular backup, there are no more wires to be cut. Should an intruder attack the security panel itself, the signal will still transmit to one of our two Canadian-based monitoring stations where highly trained staff will respond within moments, calling the authorities if necessary. It even works when the power’s out with its built in 24-hour battery backup.

Using a cellular backup system is often simply a matter of upgrading a current alarm system. Often, the wireless components can fit seamlessly and non-intrusively into your business. SCP Security has systems that are straightforward, fit all budgets, and keep what you’ve worked so hard for safe.

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Immediate help in an emergency with panic alarms

When immediate help is a necessity, panic alarms provide peace of mind at the push of a button. There are times when employees are confronted with critical threats and the triggering of an alarm or even a phone call aren’t fast enough. With a SCP Security’ professional installation, strategically planned and placed panic alarms will allow for instant communication with our Canadian-based monitoring station to get help on the way immediately.

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Smarter Security on the Go

Thanks to our partnership with, SCP Security can offer smart security features and automation that you can control and monitor from your mobile device anywhere in the world. Get notifications of alarm events, turn on or off your system, and more from anywhere with just a tap of your finger.

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